Grid-locked African Economic Sovereignty
Decolonising the Neo-Imperial Socio-Economic and Legal Force-fields in the 21st Century - edited by Howard Chitimira, Nkosinothando Mpofu, Tapiwa Victor Warikandwa, Artwell Nhemachena
Ghetto Symphony
by Mandhla A. Mavolwane
Peace Education for Violence Prevention in Fragile African Societies
What's Going to Make a Difference? - edited by Sylvester Bongani Maphosa, Alphonse Keasley
The Scholarship Girl
Life Writing - by Abigail George
The Big Noise and Other Noises
by Christopher Kudyahakudadirwe
Dew in the Morning
by Shimmer Chinodya
Best "New" African Poets 2018 Anthology
edited by Tendai Rinos Mwanaka, Nsah Mala
Doctoral Education in South Africa
by Nico Cloete, Johann Mouton, Charles Sheppard
Knowledge for a Sustainable World
A Southern African-Nordic contribution - edited by Tor Halvorsen, Hilde Ibsen, Vyvienne M’kumbuzi
The Attribute of Poetry
by Elisa Galgut
Nothing to See Here
edited by Hilda Twongyeirwe
Regional Economic Communities
Exploring the Process of Socio-economic Integration in Africa - edited by Akinpelu O. Olutayo, Adebusuyi I. Adeniran
Inequality and Climate Change
Perspectives from the South - by Gian Carlo Delgado-Ramos
UnSettled and other stories
by Sandra Hill
African Literature and the Future
edited by Gbemisola Adeoti
Best "New" African Poets 2015 Anthology
edited by Tendai Rinos Mwanaka, Daniel da Purificação
Vidokoni: Folktales from Mzimba, Malawi
by Harvey C. Chidoba Banda
Expression and Literature
Common Tumbuka Ideophones and their Usage - by William Edward Songiso Mvalo
Colonial Heritage, Memory and Sustainability in Africa
Challenges, Opportunities and Prospects - edited by Munyaradzi Mawere, Tapuwa Raymond Mubaya
Who Told the Most Incredible Story: Vol 2
The Corpse that Laughed and Other Stories - by Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang
Who Told the Most Incredible Story: Vol 3
The Singing Competition and Other Stories - by Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang
Who Told the Most Incredible Story: Vol 4
The Spread of Wisdom and Other Stories - by Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang
Who Told the Most Incredible Story: Vol 5
Why Tigers and Leopards Do Not Mix and Other Stories - by Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang
Dangerous Pastime
by Ekpe Inyang
African Philosophy and Thought Systems
A Search for a Culture and Philosophy of Belonging - by Munyaradzi Mawere, Tapuwa Raymond Mubaya
The Law of Pre-Trial Criminal Procedure in Namibia
edited by Loide Shaparara, Festus Weyulu, Clever Mapaure, Ndjodi Ndeunyema, Pilisano Masake
If You Must Fall Bush
by Nsah Mala
Asomne amwue nda (Sorrow in the House)
by Prudentia Binwi Asobo
Von Schelmen und Tatorten Von Literatur und Sprache
Festschrift für Hans-Volker Gretschel - edited by Marianne Zappen-Thomson, Gertrud Tesmer
Failing Maths and My Other Crimes
by Thabo Jijana
Literature, History and Identity in Northern Nigeria
edited by Ismaila A. Tsiga, M.O. Bhadmus
Just Thinking: Collection of Poems
Volume I - by Abimbola Mosobalaje Davis
The Adventures of Baraka Blackbird
by Blessing Musariri
Functional Categories in Igbo
A Minimalist Perspective - by Greg Orji Obiamalu
Convergence: English and Nigerian Languages
A Festschrift for Munzali A. Jibril - edited by Ozo-mekuri Ndimele
Anthropo-logiques de la Communication
Pour Une Approche Anthropologique De La Communication Et Des Changements Sociaux - by Aghi Bahi
SADC Gender Protocol 2015 Barometer
edited by Colleen Lowe Morna
Compagnon! journal d’un noussi en guerre : 2002-2011
by Karel Arnaut, Marcus Mausiah Garvey
Effectiveness of Anti-Corruption Agencies in East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda
edited by AfriMAP
Election Management Bodies in East Africa
by Alexander B. Makulilo, Eugène Ntaganda, Margaret Sekaggya, Patrick Osodo
Africa at a Glance
Facts and Figures. 16th Edition - edited by Elize van As
The Civil Society Guide to Regional Economic Communities in Africa
by Solomon Ebobrah, Morris Odhiambo, Rudy Chitiga
What Colonialism Ignored
'African Potentials' for Resolving Conflicts in Southern Africa - edited by Sam Moyo, Yoichi Mine
Compass - Comparative Literature in Africa
Essays in Honour of Willfried F. Feuser - edited by Chidi T. Maduka, Denis Ekpo
Outside the Lines
by Ameera Patel
Shackles of Freedom
by Onyeka Ike
The Throne of the Ghost
by Modou Lamin Age-Almusaf Sowe
Reflections of South African University Leaders
1981 to 2014 - edited by Council on Higher Education
The Kwame Nkrumah Cartoons
A Visual History of the Times - by Baba Jallow
The Rational Consumer: Bad for Business and Politics
Democracy at the Crossroads of Nature and Culture - by Francis B. Nyamnjoh
Debating Witchcraft in Africa
The "Magritte Effect" - edited by Didier Péclard, Jean-Pierre Warnier
Trade Unions in Kenya's War of Independence
by Shiraz Durrani
Problematizing the Foreign Shop
Justifications for Restricting the Migrant Spaza Sector in South Africa - by Vanya Gastrow
Pastoralism and Climate Change in East Africa
edited by Pius Zebhe Yanda, Claude Gasper Mung'ong'o
The Blue Economy Handbook of the Indian Ocean Region
edited by V.N. Attri, Narnia Bohler-Mulleris
The Secret World of Shlomo Fine
by K.M.R. Smythe
Mau Mau the Revolutionary, Anti-Imperialist Force from Kenya: 1948-1963
by Shiraz Durrani
Voices of Preachers in Protest
The Ministry of Two Malawian Prophets: Elliot Kamwana and Wilfred Gudu - by Joseph Chaphadzika Chakanza
fly in a beehive
by Thato Tshukudu
by Masereka Levi Kahaika
A Person My Colour
Love, Adoption and Parenting While White - by Martina Dahlmanns
Dani Nabudere's Afrikology
A Quest for African Holism - by Sanya Osha
Ruling Nature, Controlling People
Nature Conservation, Development and War in North-Eastern Namibia since the 1920s - by Luregn Lenggenhager
Development Naivety and Emergent Insecurities in a Monopolised World
The Politics and Sociology of Development in Contemporary Africa - edited by Munyaradzi Mawere
WOMANDLA! Women Power!
by Rolene Miller
Ori-Oke Spirituality and Social Change in Africa
Contemporary Perspectives - edited by Soede Nathanael Yaovi, Patrick U. Nwosu, Akiti G. Alamu
by Douglas Reid Skinner
The 'Glocalization' of Mobile Telephony in West and Central Africa
Consumer Appropriation and Corporate Acculturation: A Case Study in Cameroon and Guinea-Conakry - by Max A. Smith
Genre et fondamentalismes
Gender and Fundamentalisms - edited by Fatou Sow
Matthew T. Mbu: Dignity in Service
by M.T. Mbu
African Small Publishers' Catalogue 2018
edited by Colleen Higgs
Tintinnabulation of Literary Theory
Traversing Genres to Contemporary Experience - by Andrew Nyongesa
by Jackson Matimba
Sparkian Tales in Bulawayo - by Shane Strachan
Building from the Rubble
The Labour Movement in Zimbabwe Since 2000 - by Lloyd Sachikonye, Brian Raftopoulos, Godfrey Kanyenze
All Protocols Observed?
A Handbook on Protocol Practices and Procedures - by Soulay B. Daramy
Africa in Transformation. Political and Economic Transformation and Socio-Political Responses in Africa Vol.1
Political and Economic Issues - edited by Kwesi Kwaa Prah, Ghaffar Mohammed Ahmed
Africa in Transformation. Political and Economic Transformation and Socio-Political Responses in Africa Vol.2
Political and Economic Reforms, Transformations and Gender Issues - edited by Kwesi Kwaa Prah, Ghaffar Mohammed Ahmed
Critical Approaches Vol.1
The Works of Chin Ce - edited by Irene Marques
Technoligies de l'information et del la communication pour le developpment en afrique Vol.2
L'experience des telecentres communautaires - edited by Florence Ebam Etta, Sheila Parvyn-Wamahiu
The General Part of Criminal Law. A Ghanaian Casebook. Vol.1
by Henrietta Mensa-Bonsu
The Khoe And San. An Annotated Bibliography. Vol.1
by Shelagh Willet, Stella Monageng
Voting for Democracy in Ghana. The 2004 Elections in Perspective Vol.1
Thematic Studies - edited by Kwame Boafo-Arthur
Voting for Democracy in Ghana. The 2004 Elections in Perspective Vol.2
Constituency Studies - edited by Kwame Boafo-Arthur
A Basket of Flaming Ashes
by Joyce Ashuntantang
A Basket of Kola Nuts
by Bongasu Tanla Kishani
A Beginner's Guide to Bemba
edited by Gostave C. Kasonde, Joan Haig
A Bride for Mr B
by Ken Saro-Wiwa
A Brief History of Creation
by P.J. van Dyk
A Case Book on Law the of Evidence in Nigeria
by Niki Tobi
A Chamba-English Dictionary
by Raymond Boyd, Isa Sa'ad
A Changed Man
by C.T. Ugwu
A Chronicle of Grand Bonny
by Adaonye Fombo, Abiegberi Joe Alagoa
A Comparative Study of Religions
Second Edition - edited by J.N.K. Mugambi
A Compendium of Commercial Laws in Uganda
by Fountain Publishers
A Compendium of Laws on Banking in Uganda
edited by Alex Buri, Joseph Kyazze
A Comprehensive Course in Twi (Asante) for the Non-Twi Learner
by Florence Abena Dolphyne
A Comprehensive Review of Methods for the Channel Allocation Problem
by Shumsher Rughooputh, Harry Coomar, Jayrani Cheeneebash
A Comprehensive Tax History of Nigeria
edited by Federal Inland Revenue Service, Nigeria
A Concise History of South Sudan
by Anders Breidlid
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