ISBN 9789789234219
Pages 24
Dimensions 254 x 203mm
Illustrations Colour Illustrations
Published 2014
Publisher Manila Publishers Company, Nigeria
Format Paperback

A Feast in the Sky

by Ernest N. Emenyonu

Have you ever wondered why some animals or birds look or behave the way they do? Why does the bat fly at night? Why does the cock crow at dawn? Why does the elephant have such small eyes? Why does the mosquito buzz at the ear? Why does the dog live in people's homes and not in the bush or forest? There are answers to these questions. There is also an interesting story about each of them that may surprise you. A Feast in the Sky is one of such stories from which we learn why the tortoise, which used to have a very smooth and beautiful shell, now has a cracked shell.

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About the Author

Ernest N. Emenyonu

ERNEST N. EMENYONU is a professor of Africana Studies at the University of Michigan-Flint. A specialist in African Literature, he has taught African Literature in institutions of higher learning in Nigeria and the United States, and published extensively in the field. His other children’s books include a series, Bedtime Stories For African Children. He has also published a collection of short stories, Tales of Our Motherland. He is the Editor of African Literature Today.