A Practical Guide to Understanding Ciyawo
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A Practical Guide to Understanding Ciyawo

Ian D. Dicks, Shawn Dollar

A Practical Guide to Understanding Ciyawo has been developed over fourteen years and systematically explains for the novice the important aspects of Ciyawo grammar for effective communication. A practical grammar guide, the instruction is accessible, giving the basics of pronunciation, to building verb tenses, to ways of combining the different elements of the language in order to form sentences.

ISBN 9789990887853 | 176 pages | 254 x 178 mm | B/W Illustrations | 2010 | Kachere Series, Malawi | Paperback


About the Authors

Ian D. Dicks

Ian Dicks is an Australian and is married with two children. He lives and works in the Mangochi District of MalaƔi, and has been there, together with his wife, for 14 years. Ian works as a language and culture consultant, helping to facilitate others in language and cultural acquisition.

Shawn Dollar

Shawn Dollar is an American currently living in Mozambique with his wife and three children. He has lived in a Yawo area for nine years and has worked in development and language consultancy.

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