ISBN 9789956790586
Pages 186
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
Published 2013
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

A Scriptural Sculpture of Knowledges

by Serge Ntamack

This book is a scriptural sculpture of how the physical dimensions of the earth - built and natural - and antecedents of history structure knowledges and the physical containers - human and non-human ñ that embody those knowledges. The book deals with universalisms grounded on African experiences and perspectives. A key theme is how (in)security relates to knowledge creation by drawing a parallel between the proliferation of violent conflict in Africa and the marginal position that the continent occupies in the modern formation of knowledge. Also explored is the concept of creativity in relation to art and politics, as experienced by the black African elite. Bottlenecks to African creativity and the role of space and history in the production and reproduction of knowledge and ways of knowing are critically reviewed. The author makes a case for the existence of irreducible forms of knowledge existing in distinct laboratories and traces how particular biological and environment features interact with human cognition to form what passes for knowledge. He interrogates the variety of environment cognition in the light of an increasing homogenization of human cognition globally with a particular accent on climate change. This is a bold and legitimate voice on an important conversation.

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About the Author

Serge Ntamack

Serge Ntamack is a Cameroonian born artist living in South Africa. He holds an MA degree in International studies from Stellenbosch University and Peace Research International Institute of Oslo. His works of art attempt to capture, liberate, and articulate the immateriality of the physical and the materiality of the non-physical both in relation to cognition and the environment.