ISBN 9780797829312
Pages 176
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
Published 2003
Publisher Academic Publishers, Swaziland
Format Paperback

African Video Film Today

edited by Foluke Ogunleye

The globalised world is entrapped in a visual culture principally dominated by the cultures of the developed, western world. Nevertheless, in Africa, the video film has emerged out of often shattered economies and cultures as an alternative. Common modes of its use are in small screens in small video parlours, in theatres and cinemas, as bona fide video tapes sold cheaply through registered suppliers and as pirated and bootlegged copies for sale or rent. The video film is rapidly becoming one of the most accessible forms of alternative popular entertainment in Africa. It is a medium for local creative expression, increasingly giving a voice to peoples who would otherwise find themselves excluded from the more privileged cultural establishment. It has become a part of the so-called fourth estate charged with holding governments and institutions of power to account.

This book considers the current state and status of the video film in different parts of Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, Lesotho, and Congo Kinshasa. It addresses technological, ethical and gender considerations, and issues of language and ethnicity, suggesting in the concluding chapters that the video film in Africa has become an art form that crosses borders, and an important means of communication within the continent. The editor thus argues it must be treated seriously as an art form and cultural industry in its own right, and as worthy of the scholarship such that this volume is conceived to encourage.

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"...a well- researched and important book."

Multicultural Review
About the Editor

Foluke Ogunleye

Foluke Ogunleye is a theatre director and actress, and a lecturer at the department of African languages and literature at the University of Swaziland, Kwaluseni. She has produced and directed many plays and films, is involved in the pan-African film and culturefestival, FESPACO, and edits many humanities and theatre journals