ISBN 9789983960051
Pages 198
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2018
Publisher CENMEDRA, The Gambia
Format Paperback

All Protocols Observed?

A Handbook on Protocol Practices and Procedures

by Soulay B. Daramy

Protocol is a set of internationally accepted courtesy rules in diplomatic and official settings. It encompasses certain formalities and courteous behaviour in relations between and among nations, diplomats and public officials as well as interactions at all formal events. Good protocol, executed accurately, makes human interactions comfortable and stress free. On the other hand, not knowing the correct protocol can have unpleasant and sometimes chaotic consequences. This book expounds on correct protocol and provides the guidelines on how to avoid protocol pitfalls and potential embarrassment. It also explains what protocol is, what constitutes the core elements of protocol and how it should be effectively executed.

·Who sits where at public events?
·Who speaks first at a formal ceremony attended by several Heads of State?
·Where do we position our countries' flags at our office buildings in a foreign country?
·Should the national anthem be played at bilateral meetings?
·What gift can one Head of State give to his/ her visiting colleague?

The above questions and many other behavioural patterns form the core elements of practice and procedure in protocol. In other words, protocol provides answers to these and many more questions relating to behaviour in formal settings. All Protocols Observed? is intended for use by Foreign Service officials and anyone involved with public events. It provides proper understanding of protocol procedures which makes it easier for nations, people and institutions to interact conveniently and smoothly.

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About the Author

Soulay B. Daramy

Soulay B. Daramy is a seasoned diplomat and a certified Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant.