ISBN 9781901830064
Pages 124
Dimensions 234 x 156 mm
Published 1998
Publisher ADEA, UK
Format Paperback

An Introduction to Publishing Management

by Ian Montagnes

A first-class source of informtation and guidance, and highly suitable also for teaching purposes. With the liberalisation of textbook publishing policies in much of Africa and the increasing integration of the private sector in the supply of textbooks to government-financed schools, great possibilities are opening for the development of indigenous publishing industries. This introduction to publishing management is by a highly respected publishing practitioner and theorist. He sets out the basics of efficient,economical and prudent management of time and money in publishing, with a view to equipping African publishers with techniques that will contribute to success, whether they are tendering for contracts or competing in a completely open market. While much of the emphasis is on textbooks, the principles apply to all types of publishing, and to most countries of the world. The premise is that managers need not be skilled in every area of publishing, but do need to know enough about each area to ask the right questions about strategies, costs and cost recovery.

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