ISBN 9789970510030
Pages 240
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
Published 2002
Publisher JAN Publishing Centre, Swaziland
Format Paperback

Barbs: A Study of Satire in the Plays of Wole Soyinka

by Patrick Ebewo

A wide-ranging introduction to Wole Soyinka's dramatic literature and an in-depth and comprehensive study of satire in fourteen of Soyinka's plays from Childe Internationale to King Baabu, and the sketches in Before the Blackout. Ebewo treats satire as an instrument of criticism, a literary genre and an institution in society. He explores the history and definition of satire in various cultural contexts, approaching Soyinka as an African satirist influenced by Western and African satirical modes. He considers the functions of comic and tragic satire in Soyinka's exposes of Africa's socio-political scene and politicians, religious hypocrites, mystic opportunists, greedy women and prostitutes. The author also offers some thoughts on the efficacy of satire and Soyinka's literature as a weapon for addressing contemporary problems and effecting change in society.

Chris Dunton introduces the study and comments: 'Ebewo's emphasis on the importance of satire in Soyinka's dramatic output is invaluable, as it makes us see that this work both addresses the immediate and constantly peers beyond this...Ebewo has added a substantial volume to the exegesis on Soyinka's drama.'

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