ISBN 9789783796263
Pages 476
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Published 2008
Publisher Dokun Publishing House, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Blackness: Culture, Ideology and Discourse

by Femi Abodunrin

First published in 1966 in the Bayreuth African Studies series, this second edition is revised and enlarged with predominantly new topical material. The study is set in the context of universal verities of the conditions of “Blackness” today, and particularly in the light of current debates among black intellectuals in Africa and the diaspora about cultural ownership, impacted by migration and emigration of writers and critics from the continent. Informed by the works of distinguished African intellectuals and writers, the historicity of the black condition is in the forefront. The introduction is a critical and historical exploration of the ties between Africans in the diaspora and on the continent.

The book covers the theoretical and polemical premises of “Blackness” in post-Negritudian, post-colonial, post-feminister and post-modernist contexts. Rhetorical strategies are examined in the work of Ayi Kwei Armah, Obuntunde Ijimere, Wale Ogunyemi, Jorge Amado, Amiri Barka, Derek Walcott and Wole Soyinka; and the works of Chinua Achebe, Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo and Ken Saro-Wiwa are examined. A full bibliography is included.

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"Blackness presents Abodunrin as a major voice in theorising the literary culture of global Africa."

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Oyeniyi Okunoye, University of Bayreuth
About the Author

Femi Abodunrin

Femi Abodunrin is a scholar of English and African literature. Some of his other works include Culture Ideology and Discourse (Bayreuth African Studies Series, 1996) and It Would Take Time: Conversations with Living Ancestors (Kraft Books, 2002).

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