ISBN 9781940729237
Pages 128
Dimensions 216 x 140mm
Published 2017
Publisher African Heritage Press, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Bomblast or Breakfast?


by J. Obii J. Nwachukwu-Agbada

This Volume of Poetry is hoisted on the world's prevailing preference of war to peace and order, its fondness for the amassing of war arsenal while neglecting the poor and the things that sustain life. The author poses the question, Bomb or Breakfast? It is impossible to read this collection of poems with-out being struck by the aching urgency of its subject matter and the bardic clarity of its rendering. Evident here are many of the stylistic hallmarks I have come to associate with Nwachukwu-Agbada over the years: clarity of intent, a social commitment which pays literary competence its due attention; gravitas of content informed by verbal playfulness, the satirist's scathing sarcasm and abiding mission to shock - and change.

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“A relentless humanist ethos underlines Nwachukwu-Agbada’s consciousness in this important volume of poetry. Eloquent here is the voice of a poet who has a riveting “eye for the unsettling.”

NIYI OSUNDARE, Poet and Distinguished Professor of English, University of New Orleans, USA

“If we swallow wooden pestles / shall we not perpetually stand erect?” In Bomblasts, J. O. J. Nwachukwu-Agbada refreshes the ancient land marks of verse with a multi-cultural slant, confidence, and a mature vision.”

OBU UDEOZO, Global Artist

"Bomblast or Breakfast is surely a mature and well-crafted work, and shows great artistic discipline.”

TANURE OJAIDE, Frank Porter Graham Professor of Africana Studies, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

About the Author

J. Obii J. Nwachukwu-Agbada

Prof. J. Obii J. Nwachukwu-Agbada is an internationally renowned scholar. He has published several works: Need to Cry, 1980, The Taste of Honey, 1981, God's Big Toe, 1987, Love Strokes and Other Stories, 1998, The Forbidden Fruit, 2009 and Prayer Beads of the Silent Supplicant, (Poems) 2005. He is currently a Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature, Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria. 

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