ISBN 9780798304603
Pages 288
Dimensions 244 x 170 mm
Published 2014
Publisher Africa Institute of South Africa, South Africa
Format Paperback

Challenges and Issues facing the Education System in South Africa

edited by Marekwa Wilfred Legotlo

The quality of education is pivotal for the production of human capital and this cannot be compromised by failing to refocus on the quality of education offered in schools. The inputs in the system such as trained and motivated teachers, buildings and classrooms including sanitation, clean water, instructional material such as textbooks, as well as strong leadership with vision to steer the winds of change are important in providing the desired outcomes. The chapters in this volume are broadly divided into three subsections as follows: learner related issues, (farm and rural schools, poverty and schooling, school violence, and students rights); teacher related issues,(teacher morale and motivation, teachers for all schools, management needs of school principals); and administrative/policy related issues (inclusive education, and school community relations). The social demand for better schools, effective principals, qualified and committed teachers and better opportunities for all place a huge challenge to provinces and the state to protect the rights of all citizens. This volume sets out the challenges facing the education system in South Africa, such as poor school infrastructure, poor learning conditions, and a lack of learning materials and provides recommendations on how some of these can be overcome.

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About the Editor

Marekwa Wilfred Legotlo

Marekwa Wilfred Legotlo is a seasoned retired Professor of Education Management, currently self-employed as a research consultant. He has extensive experience (over thirty years) in teaching and research. He held several management and leadership positions in school and university systems including at government level. He holds a PhD (Management), MEd (Management), BEd Hons, BA and Diploma in Administration from Hiroshima University in Japan.

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