ISBN 9781909112704
Pages 250
Dimensions 234mm x 156mm
Published 2017
Publisher Adonis & Abbey Publishers, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Cobra in the Boat

Michael Sata's Zambia

by Chisangaa Puta-Chekwe

Cobra in the Boat is a riveting account of how one of Zambia's most controversial presidents got to power and how he governed while in office. Michael Chilufya Sata was a populist with huge ambitions for his country. Few of these ambitions were actually realized because of Sata's poor health and his premature death. The political chaos that followed the president's demise was a direct consequence of Sata's failure to pay attention to constitutional detail. The book shows how this crisis could have been averted. Sata's penchant for dismissing theoretical detail as a waste of time had consequences in other areas of national life. The ill-conceived pay rise for already privileged public servants, the arbitrary decision to institute an unaffordable minimum wage, and the hasty creation of a new province and several districts, were examples of decisions that could have benefited from rigorous theoretical input before implementation. In the short time that Sata was in office, he missed many opportunities to right historic wrongs and set Zambia on a firmer path to economic prosperity. Sata's performance while in office was as complex as his own personality. As mayor of Lusaka in the early days of his political career, Sata developed a reputation for financial prudence, but as president of the republic he was profligate and often erratic. Despite this Sata did manage some successes while serving as fifth president.

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About the Author

Chisangaa Puta-Chekwe

Chisanga Puta-Chekwe was born at Nchanga in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia. He studied Law at Birmingham University, United Kingdom. A Rhodes Scholar, he also holds a Master of Laws degree from King's College, London and a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Oxford University. Chisanga Puta-Chekwe practised law in Zambia between 1980 and 1986 (spending three of those years as a political prisoner for his human rights work). He worked in international banking in London before immigrating to Canada where he initially ran his own consulting business. In addition to observing the historic South African election of 1994 for the United Nations, Mr. Puta-Chekwe also supervised the election in Bosnia Herzegovina in 1996, for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe. He is currently the Deputy Minister for Citizenship and Immigration as well as Women's Issues, in Ontario, Canada. Chisanga Puta-Chekwe is also a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Judicature in England and Wales, as well as an advocate of the High Court for Zambia.