ISBN 9789983960020
Pages 194
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2018
Publisher CENMEDRA, The Gambia
Format Paperback

Community-Oriented Education for Health Professionals

A Cultural Analysis Approach to Curriculum Planning

by Francis Sarr

This book provides a framework for curriculum planning and makes the argument for an integrated and interdisciplinary training of health professionals at the community level in The Gambia. The benefits of such an approach are immense given that it is responsive to the socio-economic and cultural needs and demands of the community, which are central to the health of the communities. The book is recommended as a resource for all health training institutions, teachers and students alike involved in curriculum development and teaching. It is also recommended to health professionals who may want to re-visit the type of training and curriculum they want and thereby modifying their approach to working at the community level.

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About the Author

Francis Sarr

Francis Sarr, Associate Professor of Community Health Education and Fellow of the West African College of Nursing, is the Acting Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of The Gambia.