ISBN 9789970259403
Pages 306
Dimensions 210 x 140mm
Published 2017
Publisher Fountain Publishers, Uganda
Format Paperback

Cultures at Crossroads

Homosexuality and Human Rights in Uganda

by Alex Nkabahona, Archangel Rukooko Byaruhanga

The book highlights the debates and controversies that have been the subject of the media and other conversation spaces in Uganda in the recent past. Written from a human rights point of view, it exposes the discrimination and abuses suffered by gay persons, comprehensively providing a thoughtful exploration of homosexuality in Uganda, and exploring legislation against homosexuality in Uganda and the impact on the lives and human rights of gay persons.Based on a countrywide survey in Uganda, the work reflects the views of a cross-section of people on homosexuality; it answers various questions and also attempts to unravel myths surrounding homosexuality, calling for reflection on the divisive issue, with the primary view of promoting social justice.

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About the Authors

Alex Nkabahona

Alex Nkabahona is a senior lecturer of religion and peace studies, College of humanities and social sciences, school of liberal and performing arts, Department of religion and peace studies at Makerere university. he is a graduate of Catholiek universiteit leuven, Belgium in religious Studies (Theology). He holds certificates in International and Regional Conflict Management (Bonn, Germany), human rights (human rights Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark) and Diplomacy, negotiation and Mediation (Makerere University, Uganda). 

Archangel Rukooko Byaruhanga

Archangel Rukooko Byaruhanga is an associate professor of philosophy and human rights, College of humanities and social sciences, school of liberal and performing arts, Department of philosophy at Makerere university.