ISBN 9781901830101
Pages 230
Dimensions 229 x 152 mm
Published 2003
Publisher ADEA, UK
Format Paperback

Des Livres pour les ecoles: ameliorer l'acces aux ouvrages de lecture en Afrique

ameliorer l'acces aux ouvrages de lecture en Afrique

by Diana Rosenburg

A new French edition of the English title: Books For Schools: Improving Access to Supplementary Reading Material in Africa (ADEA 2000). It is a collection of studies which link economic development, and publishing, specifically, educational publishing inAfrica. It aims to be a source of information for publishers specialising in educational materials, the work of whom is at present impeded by the lack of such information. A series of six case studies by academics and librarians explore the provision of supplementary reading materials in a number of African countries. They show how high expectations, ambitious plans and individual efforts have frequently been hijacked by inadequate planning, resources and infrastructure, and lack of follow-up in the formof training for teachers in teaching with books. Most of the studies conclude that the way forward is to develop a viable local publishing industry in tandem with improved training for teachers. The case studies are based on research into national policies on school library services as well as the actual level and quality of provision in schools and communities.
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