ISBN 9789983952506
Pages 252
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2017
Publisher CENMEDRA, The Gambia
Format Paperback

Education for Community Health Building a Community of Learning for the 21st Century

by Francis Sarr

Education for Community Health Building a Community of Learning for the 21st Century offers a thorough and critical account of the theories and concepts of community health education and maps out a clear way forward for community health education in an increasingly networked era. It examines: Basic concepts in education for community health that faculty, students and stakeholders in community health must know and understand. This spans from basic definitions and explanations of core concepts, theories underpinning education for community health, curriculum models, learning theories that explain behaviour, relationship between ICT and learning, types of learning along with their strengths and weaknesses, leadership and management theories that enhance learning at the community level and building a community of learning network which encompasses learning space design, technology, community and information exchange, pedagogical, curricular, and co-curricular design and six good practices for designing interventions. In-depth understanding of key concepts such as learning space design, ICT, pedagogy and curriculum design and types of learning. It also discusses professional development and development of teaching and learning centres in community health. The implications of these concepts for education for community health in the developing world.

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About the Author

Francis Sarr

Francis Sarr, Associate Professor of Community Health Education and Fellow of the West African College of Nursing, is the Acting Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of The Gambia.

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