ISBN 9789991131306
Pages 84
Dimensions 229 x 152 mm
Published 2002
Publisher Institute of Southern African Studies, Lesotho
Format Paperback

Empowered with Ownership

The Privatisation of Housing in Lusaka, Zambia

by Ann Schlyter

A rare study originating in Africa, on the gender impact of housing privatisation in Zambia; and on the impact of privatisation on social class and the overall constitution of the housing stock. It considers questions such as: whether privatisation mainly benefits men and thus implies a masculisation of ownership; whether it benefits mainly rich people; what tendencies can be identified regarding housing maintenance and extensions of housing stock; how the policy of privatisation was formulated and implemented by government and loca authorities, to what extent these policy formulations were democratic; how gender policy and activism responded to the privatisation of housing; and whether it affects gender power relations. The author is Associate Professor of Peace and Development Research at Gothenburg University, Sweden.
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About the Author

Ann Schlyter

Ann Schlyter is Associate Professor and Director of the Centre for Globel Gender Studies at Goteborg University, Sweden. She has been a scientific adviser and participant in GRUPHEL.

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