ISBN 9781928215240
ePub ISBN 9781928215257
Pages 202
Dimensions 198 x 129mm
Published 2017
Publisher Modjaji Books, South Africa
Formats Paperback, eBook


by Barbara Boswell

Family secrets run deep for Grace, a young girl growing up in Cape Town during the 1980s, spilling over into adulthood, and threatening to ruin the respectable life she has built for herself. When an old childhood friend reappears, Grace’s memories of her childhood come rushing back, and she is confronted, once again, with the loss that has shaped her. She has to face up to the truth or continue to live a lie - but the choice is not straightforward. Grace is an intimate portrayal of violence, both personal and political, and its legacy on one person’s life. It meditates on the long shadow cast by personal trauma, showing the inter-generational imprint of violence and loss on people’s lives.

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"Elegant prose and subtle narration propel Grace’s story into the future while frequently and seamlessly pulling it back to the past. Secrets and lies pulse through the story like the southeaster on the Western Cape landscape. Boswell shows readers that love, family and attendant relationships are not uncomplicated concepts.”

Makhosazana Xaba

“In Barbara Boswell’s novel, Grace I was struck by the way she writes about the complexity of mother-daughter and intimate romantic relationships, those familiar minefields we are all called to navigate over time in our quest towards self-hood."

Malika Ndlovu
About the Author

Barbara Boswell

Born in Cape Town, Barbara Boswell writes to untangle the intersections of gender and race in her fiction and non-fiction. After 10 years in the US, Barbara now lives in Johannesburg, where she is a feminist scholar at the University of the Witwatersrand. She has studied at Gender and Women's Studies Programmes at the University of the Western Cape and the University of Maryland, College Park.