ISBN 9789956727230
Pages 120
Dimensions 203 x 127 mm
Published 2012
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

Haiti: Entre beaute et blessures

by Dieurat Clervoyant

Clairvoyant s’exprime, parfois avec une virulente violence que peut seul comprendre l’exilé qui vit dans une perpétuelle nostalgie de la terre natale. Son verbe à l’égard des dirigeants de son pays n’est pas toujours agréable, pour ne dire même qu’il est généralement discourtois et accusateur. Homme d’une morale austère, il se laisse pourtant aller dans Obséquiosité par exemple dans l’expression d’une colère qu’on pourrait caractériser d’une grande immoralité.

Clairvoyant who has lived in France for the past 24 years, expresses himself at times with a virulent violence that only an exile living in a perpetual nostalgia of his/her native land can understand. His words directed at the rulers of his native country is not always flattering, a euphemism not to say discourteous or accusatory. Poet with moral probity, he however slips into obsequiousness when expressing his anger that can easily be styled great immorality.

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About the Author

Dieurat Clervoyant

Dieurat Clervoyant, Haitian born poet has been living in France for the past 24 years. He holds a doctorate in literature and is currently a doctorate candidate in Anthropology. He is an academic, essayist, poet and poetician. As an ethnologist and social anthropologist, his works focus on the history of ideas and mentalities, issues of development and exchange among peoples. He is also a specialist in political history of the sphere he himself style “Caribbean of the Center”. He has already published several works representative of which are 1- Qui peut battre Nicolas Sarkozy ou essai sur la prise en otage de la présidentielle comme stratégie politique et méthode de campagne interne, 2- Les douleurs de la plume noire : Du Cameroun anglophone à Haïti, work co-authored with Bill F. Ndi & Peter W. Vakunta,  3- « Les fonctions sociales de la littérature  dans Qu’est-ce que la littérature de Jean-Paul Sartre », article published in Doina, (Review) August 2010. He has published numerous articles and essays online and has a novel in the press !