ISBN 9789782194138
Pages 156
Dimensions 216 x 140 mm
Published 2002
Publisher College Press Publishers, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Issues in Historiography

edited by O.O. Olubomehin

This work is for African students and students of African history, offering a local perspective on the study of history. It considers biography as history, objectivity, oral/non-literate societies and history, archaeololgy, ideological issues in African historiography and writing Nigerian history. A whole section is given to a discussion of the challenges facing the twenty-first century Nigerian historian. These are identified as: how to overcome the slump in the study of history, and crisis in identity and relevance after the peak and progess of the late seventies; how to improve the status of history at secondary and tertiary levels, and more generally, how to encourage the wider participation of Nigerian historians in international research networks. The contributors are mainly professors and lecturers at the University of Lagos and Ogun State University.

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