ISBN 9780994710413
ePub ISBN 9781928476276
Pages 104
Dimensions 203 x 127mm
Published 2017
Publisher Deep South, South Africa
Formats Paperback, eBook

Lament for Kofifi Macu

by Angifi Dladla

Something the dead know
is the head held in broken hands;
the drooping mouth-hole,
a white speck of eye
leaking a tough sort of shame,
a burnt rubber which blackens blackness
and wires which swaddle the victim
like a Pharaoh.

Something the dead know:
Bones whiter than white
shall inherit the earth.

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About the Author

Angifi Dladla

Angifi Dladla is a poet and playwright who writes in both English and Zulu. He is the author of eight plays and a poetry book in Zulu titled Uhambo. For many years he has been a writing teacher and director of Femba Writing Project, publishing school and prison newspapers, and the anthologies Wa lala, Wa sala and Reaching Out: Voices from Groenpunt Maximum-Security Prison. Lament for Kofifi Macu is Angifi Dladla's first collection of poems in English since The Girl Who Then Feared To Sleep (2001). 

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