ISBN 9780993996979
Pages 154
Dimensions 280 x 210mm
Published 2014
Publisher MeaBooks Inc, Canada
Format Paperback

Mande Languages and Linguistics: 2nd International Conference

edited by Valentin Vydrine

The proceedings include abstracts, 2 to 9 pages, of communications for the 2nd worldwide conference on Mande languages. The presentations are subdivided into chapters: Lexicography, Corpora, Concordances; Comparative studies and typology; Manding and Mokole; Southern Mande languages; Eastern Mande; Soninke-Bozo & Susu; South-Western Mande. Various spheres of Mande linguistics are concerned: dialectology, tonology, morphology and syntax, pragmatics. The book provides a survey of the state of the art in the Mande linguistics at the end of the first decade of the 21 century.

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