ISBN 9789781361357
Pages 268
Dimensions 229 x 152 mm
Published 2003
Publisher Obafemi Awolowo University Press, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Nigeria's External Relations and Foreign Policy under Military Rule 1966-1999

by Alade W. Fawole

This book is an effort to condense the totality of Nigeria's external relations and foreign policy, activities, accomplishments and shortcomings, during the thirty years of military rule 1966 to 1999 into a single volume. It intends to close a gap in the literature on this period; in which writers tended to concentrate on individual regimes and events, ignoring or glossing over the bigger picture. The work is organised chronologically. It begins with a section on the foundation, principles nd purposes of Nigerian foreign policy. It then discusses the Yakubu Gown period 1966-1975 in the context of domestic instability civil war and foreign policy. Chapters follow on the period of Murtala Muhammed 1975-1976, Obasanjo 1976-1979, and Nigeria as a new African power; Buhari, xenophobia and the beginning of isolation; the Babangida period and the new optimism; and the return to the dark times and international isolation with Sani Abacha. The final chapters consider the new civil beginnings in Nigeria since 1999, and offer an overall evaluation of the outcomes of military rule. The author is a specialist in international relations based at University of Ife, Nigeria.

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About the Author

Alade W. Fawole

Aldade W. Fawole is a specialist in Nigerian politics and foreign policy, based at Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria.

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