ISBN 9780984883608
Pages 412
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 2012
Publisher Progress Publishing Company, Nigeria
Format Paperback

One and a half Centuries of the University in Nigeria, 1868 - 2011

A Historical Account

by Nduka Okafor

This book, One and Half Centuries of the University in Nigeria, 1868 - 2011: A Historical Account describes the journey of the university from its origin in the European Middle Ages through the time when it was first demanded in west Africa in 1868, to 1948 when the first university, the University College, Ibadan, was established in Nigeria, to 1979 when the first State University, the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, was established through 1999 when the first three private universities, namely Igbinedion, Babcock, and Madonna were established. The book looks in separate chapters at admission into Nigerian universities, the industrial training of students for the Nigerian labour market, the National Youth Corp scheme (NYSC), examination malpractices and cult activities in Nigerian Universities, the courses given in Nigerian universities, the influence of Britain and America on the Nigerian university system, distance education, including the National Open University of Nigeria, trade union activities among staff and student unionism in Nigerian universities, and the adaption of the university to the Nigerian environment. It tells the story with as many references as possible as a help for further exploration of these areas by future authors.

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About the Author

Nduka Okafor

Emeritus Professor Nduka Okafor went to Government College, Ibadan. He did his first degree (of the University of London) at the then University College, Ibadan, and obtained his PhD from the University of Cambridge, England. He has taught and/or researched into aspects of industrial microbiology in the UK, Austria, Australia, the Netherlands, Nigeria and the USA  His book on The Development of Universities in Nigeria (London, Longman, 1971) was among the few books written on Nigerian universities and was widely used in Faculties of Education. He has also written several papers on universities in Nigeria. The current book is a companion of the first (1971) and taken together they give a picture of the earliest beginnings of the university in Nigeria to the present day (2011). On account of this, The Development of Universities in Nigeria (1971) is being reprinted.

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