ISBN 9789988647100
Pages 400
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2017
Publisher Sub-Saharan Publishers, Ghana
Format Paperback

Patriotism and Nation Building

Perspectives from the Life and Utterances of Ephraim Amu

by Philip Laryea

The deepest and most significant aspect of the heritage of any nation lies in her people. A people’s dignity, worth and value can be measured by their human resources. More important than mineral wealth, more significant than financial capital and of more value than land and property, are the leaders of thought and character, that a communal or social group can lay claim to. Towering above the tallest buildings, reaching deeper than the roots of ancient trees, are society’s icons, doyens of a people’s life and culture. Often unrecognized in their lifetime, sometimes vilified or else silenced by political forces, these persons represent a people’s legacy and gift to humankind. Such was Dr. Ephraim Amu, native of Peki Avetile, son of West Africa’s “Gold Coast”, scholar, teacher, musician, ethicist, and preacher.

In this book, Prof. Laryea has by careful and detailed research, rendered an invaluable service to posterity in unearthing and making available the life, works and public speeches of Dr Ephraim Amu. Thoughtfully selecting over sixty of Amu’s sermons spanning a period of 50 years (1937 - 1986), Laryea enables us to more deeply enter the inner thoughts and expressions of one of Ghana’s most illustrious sons, thus allowing us into the veritable engine room of the composer of Ghana’s national song, “Yân ara asase ni”, crafted by Amu in 1929. In doing so he has also opened up and thrown light upon very significant periods in the nation’s history.

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"This book, a collection of sixty-five sermons and addresses in English, together with the studies of context, method and style which characterize them is unquestionably a national asset with international implications. It represents an excellent example of historical, sociological and theological research much needed in the restoration of dignity and value to a people in search of authenticity, one of Dr. Amu’s cherished values. I recommend it to be read by all, especially those interested in African Personhood, Christianity in Africa, African Christian Social Ethics, Preaching, Worship and Practical Theology"

Emmanuel Yartekwei Amugi Lartey L. Bevel Jones III, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

"Brilliant! highly readable, well-sectioned, rich in documentation, analytical and full of fascinating insights into the potential of Culture to inspire self-assurance, and patriotism as props for the task of nation-building. The book will resonate with all who are irked by the prevailing traumas of corruption, selfishness and greed in our society today."

Robert Addo Fening Retired Professor of History and former Head of History Department, University of Ghana, Legon
About the Author

Philip Laryea

Prof Philip Laryea is a minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and Associate Professor of African Theology at the Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission and Culture, Akropong-Akuapem. His other books include, Ephraim Amu: Nationalist, Poet and Theologian (1899-1995), Yesu Hômôwô Nuåtsô-Nikasemô ni kôô bô ni Kristofoi naa Yesu yâ Gamâi akusumfeemô kâ blema saji amli (Jesus Lord of Hômôwô-A Reinterpretation of the History and Religion of the Ga from the standpoint of Jesus as Lord). 

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