ISBN 9781909112629
Pages 278
Dimensions 234mm x 156mm
Published 2017
Publisher Adonis & Abbey Publishers, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Recovering the Somali State

The Role of Islam, Islamism and Transitional Justice

by Abdurahman Abdullahi

Somalia is often used as an emblem of a collapsed state. This is somewhat of a paradox given that in previous decades the country was one of the most unified states in Africa and one of the first democracies on the continent. In the last three decades however the country has faced enormous challenges including civil wars and extremism in the name of Islam. The book - probably one of the first to link Islam, Islamism and Transitional Justice with the Somali State recovery project - offers unique analyses of these themes and argues that recovering the Somali state will largely be contingent upon the skillful reconciliation between tradition and modernity, Islam and state and between the secular and the sacred.

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About the Author

Abdurahman Abdullahi

Dr. Abdurahman Baadiyow combines rare skills of being a high ranking military officer (1971-1986) with being an electronic engineer, Islamic scholar and socio-political activist. He obtained MA and PhD in Modern Islamic History from the Islamic Institute, McGill University, Canada. He is one of the founders of Mogadishu University and the chair of its Board of Trustees. He is a prominent civil society activist and became presidential candidate in the 2012 election in Somalia. Dr. Baadiyow has participated in many academic conferences and published numerous academic papers, book chapters and articles. He is the author of the two highly regarded books: The Islamic Movement in Somalia: A Study of the Islah Movement, 1950-2000 (2015), and Recovering the Somali State: The Role of Islam, Islamism, and Transitional Justice (2017).