ISBN 9781909112254
Pages 106
Dimensions 234mm x 156mm
Published 2013
Publisher Adonis & Abbey Publishers, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Resource Mobilization for Ngos in the Developing World

Current and Emerging Practices

by Mavuto Kapyepye

The longevity and productivity of every NGO hinges on its capacity to effectively mobilize resources for its cause. Based on extensive research and years of professional practice, this book examines critically the issues and challenges of existing practices for fundraising by NGOs in the developing world and the pitfalls involved in towing the traditional model without taking into cognizance the changing trends in NGO funding. By using credible successful examples, the book tasks NGO leaderships on the exigency of adopting a new hybrid model of resource mobilization that innovatively blends the best of the old traditional methods with emerging practices as well as emphasizing the role of social enterprising as a means of generating resources. The book also highlights the importance of creating and maintaining productive relationships between donors and NGO leaderships. Finally, the book also shares insights on how NGOs can guard against stagnation and subsequent demise by avoiding organizational hazards common to NGOs in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
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About the Author

Mavuto Kapyepye

Mavuto Kapyepye holds a Master of Commerce in Strategy and Organizational Dynamics from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa and a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Bunda College in Malawi. He is Managing Director of the award winning Mlambe Consulting Firm and has consulted for organizations in South Africa, United Kingdom, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal and Afghanistan among others. With over seventeen years of practice in organizational development (OD) and social studies as an international consultant, his clients list includes ADRA Australia, JICA, Government of Malawi, OXFAM, African Parks Foundation, Millennium Villages Project, Water Aid, Care International and UNFPA. He has also consulted for projects supported by the World Bank, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and DFID.