ISBN 9789983960167
Pages 148
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2018
Publisher CENMEDRA, The Gambia
Format Paperback

Rethinking Irregular Migration

Causes, Course, Consequences and Corrective Measures

by Seedy Drammeh

This book examines the causes of irregular migration, with particular focus on the mass movement of Gambian youth and youth from other parts of the world. These youth risk the journey across the dangerous desert to the Mediterranean Sea with the aim of reaching the West. Investigation shows that poor economic and bad political situations in many developing countries, together with the uncontrollable unemployment rate among the youth combined with insecurity are the root causes. Conversely, the book proposes good governance characterised by equitable distribution of resources as the antidote to the prevalence of this mass movement.

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About the Author

Seedy Drammeh

Dr Seedy Drammeh is a public affairs analyst and commentator, is a prolific writer with at least 20 books under his belt.

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