ISBN 9781905068838
Pages 340
Dimensions 229mm x 152mm
Published 2007
Publisher Adonis & Abbey Publishers, Nigeria
Format Paperback


Diaspora and State Reconstitution in the Horn of Africa

edited by A Osman Farah, Joakim Gundel, Mammo Muchie

Since the final collapse of Somaliaís repressive regime in 1991, Somalia has presented the world not only with the most profound case of state collapse witnessed in modern times but also with one of the most intriguing cases of political fragmentation, armed conflicts, lawlessness and statelessness. Inevitably the last 20 years of statelessness and chaos has left the Somali economy destitute and made Somalia to be ranked among the five poorest ëcountriesí in the world. Contributors to this volume examine efforts at reconstituting the failed Somali state and the role of the Somali Diaspora and civil society groups in the processes. They also analyse how the Somali Diaspora and civil society in Somalia engage and cooperate to further processes of state-reconstitution in Somalia as well as help the Somali Diaspora adjust in their host nations.
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About the Editors

A Osman Farah

A. Osman Farah is an Assistant Professor at Aalborg University where he teaches Development, transnational relations, transnationalism, transnational NGOs, New-regionalism and transnational State formation. Dr. Farah is a co-founder of the Centre for Research and Integration in Denmark and North Eastern African-Nordic Network (NEANOR). He serves as an associate editor of the Somali Studies Journal and is also a member of the editorial board of a number of journals focusing on political development and political sociology.

Mammo Muchie

Mammo Muchie is the DST/NRF SARChI Research Professor on Innovation and Development, Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa; Senior Research Associate, TMDC, Oxford University, Oxford, UK And Adjunct Professor, ASTU, Nazret, Ethiopia.

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