ISBN 9789782194367
Pages 240
Dimensions 254 x 178 mm
Illustrations B/W Illustrations and Maps
Published 2004
Publisher College Press Publishers, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Strategies and Tactics for Sustainable Agriculture in the Tropics

edited by M. Adetola Badejo, O. Togun Adeniyi

Draws attention to the hydra-headed problem of attaining sustainability in agro-ecosystems of the tropical regions and attempts to shape future agricultural research in these regions, where, the author argues, there is an over-reliance on solutions practised in more temperate climes. Topics include: the potentials of leguminous crop cover systems for sustainable agricultural production, managing carbon and nitrogen in tropical organic farming, the management of the genetic diversity of maize, and the management of fire in agro-ecosystems in forest and savannah ecotypes in Nigeria.

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