ISBN 9781779360052
Pages 20
Dimensions 297 x 210 mm
Illustrations Colour Illustrations
Published 2003
Publisher Africa Community Publishing & Development Trust, Zimbabwe
Format Paperback


by Africa Community Publishing & Development Trust

A children's book conceived and produced by the community publishing process: gathered from oral sources; then narrated, recorded, transcribed and translated from the indigenous language. The story tells of Syankombo, the youngest of three sisters. When the errant older sisters follow their new boyfriends with the intention of finding and marrying them, Syankombo goes after them. She uses her magic powers to save them from the boys who turn out to be lions. After many adventures she brings her sisters safely home. Syankombo is rewarded by her family and her community with a special egg. The egg grows bigger and bursts, and out of it come cattle, goats, chickens, sheep and many other riches and resources. Syankombo the goes on to become the first woman chief of her people.

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About the Author

Africa Community Publishing & Development Trust

African Community Publishing and Development Trust combines democratic ideas with local knowledge and creativity and uses participatory methods.

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