ISBN 9781905068951
Pages 320
Dimensions 229mm x 152mm
Published 2008
Publisher Adonis & Abbey Publishers, Nigeria
Format Paperback

The Bantu - Jareer Somali

Unearthing Apartheid in the Horn of Africa

by Mohamed A. Eno

Somalia is generally thought of as a homogenous society, with a common Arabic ancestry, a shared culture of nomadism and one Somali mother tongue. This study challenges this myth. Using the Jareer/Bantu as a case study, the book shows how the Negroid physical features of this ethnic group has become the basis for ethnic marginalization, stigma, social exclusion and apartheid in Somalia. The book is another contribution to the recent deconstruction of the perceived Somali homogeneity and self-same assertions. It argues that the Somalis, just like most societies, employ multiple levels of social and ethnic distinctions, one of which is the Jareer versus Jileec divide. Dr. Eno successfully portrays another Somalia, in which a mythical homogeneity masks the oppression and social exclusion suffered by some ethnic groups in the country.
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About the Author

Mohamed A. Eno

Mohamed A. Eno is on the academic faculty of ADNOC Technical Institute (ATI) in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, where he teaches ESL in the Foundation Program. He is Dean of St Clements University - Somalia and holds a PhD in Social Studies Education and MA in TESOL. He is also a candidate for EdD (Doctor of Education) specializing in Applied Linguistics & TESOL at the University of Leicester, United Kingdom. Dr. Eno has previously taught at Eno School of Languages, the Somali National University and at the Extra Mural Dept. of the University of Nairobi. His interests are in Sociolinguistics, Social Studies, Teacher Education/Teaching Methodology, and Oral Tradition.