ISBN 9789956728794
Pages 146
Dimensions 203 x 127 mm
Published 2013
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

The Earth, Mungongoh and the Dwarf Revolt

by Colin Diyen

Mungongoh intends to establish a useful relationship with Earth. But the people of Mungongoh are distrustful of earthlings. The earthlings have an abusive life style and always over indulge. Mungongoh however concludes a fruitful relationship with Earth is possible. How would they withstand the intrigues of Musoh, the most secret and most powerful criminal organization on Earth? How would they contain the High One - the cruel, unforgiving, power hungry head of Musoh?

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About the Author

Colin Diyen

Colin Diyen attended Saint Joseph College Sasse in Buea (1970 - 1975) and CCAST Bambili (1975-1977), proceeding to Moscow in 1978, where he obtained a Masters degree in Economics from the Patrice Lumumba People’s University. He currently lives and work as a Development/Management Consultant in Bamenda, Cameroon.