ISBN 9789781560255
Pages 164
Dimensions 203 x 127 mm
Published 1977
Publisher Fourth Dimension Publishing Company, Nigeria
Format Paperback

The Juju Priest

by Ogali A. Ogali

Christian colonisers enter into conflict with the Igbo Juju priest, custodians of African values, in a fictional account of the destructive influence of Western religion on African spiritual and moral life, spanning the arrival of the first missionaries in Nigeria to political independence. Ogali, a long-time prolific and successful writer of popular literature in Nigeria, came to be associated with the Onitsha Market Literature pamphleteers. This work also includes a full introduction which provides some background to the author's work and a snapshot of the history and development of the Onitsha Market Literature movement.

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About the Author

Ogali A. Ogali

Ogali A. Ogali is one of the most prolific, versatile and successful popular writers in Nigeria. His works include: My Daughter (of Onitsha Market Literature Fame); Coal City; and The Juju Priest.

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