ISBN 9789789155088
Pages 30
Dimensions 254 x 203mm
Illustrations Colour Illustrations
Published 2014
Publisher Manila Publishers Company, Nigeria
Format Paperback

The Lion and the Monkey

by Ikeogu Oke

The Lion and the Monkey is the story of a lion that falls into a trap while trying to eat meat he believes is free and the monkey that frees him from the trap. It is a story about trust and gratitude.

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About the Author

Ikeogu Oke

"A work of poetry, of literature, is first of all a work of beauty. You can be angry, but you have to be angry in a beautiful way. The problem is that [Nigerian] poets tend to be more skilled in expressing anger than expressing beauty. [Ideally] you read a poem and you see the anger, and you don't feel the anger; beauty is something that strikes you, anger does not. The anger has to be handled constructively so that what emerges is not a work of anger but a work of beauty. Fine if they are angry, they should be angry, but they should not inflict us with works that are not beautiful.

I think love is one of the best emotions that we can produce. Some of my love poems are the best I've ever written. But you can't write about love if you're not a lover. If your love is sincere; write about that love. If your anger is sincere; write about that anger. But don't ever forget that you're writing to create a work of beauty that will survive the anger. Love and anger are ephemeral emotions, but beauty is something that lasts forever."