ISBN 9781909112766
Pages 192
Dimensions 234mm x 156mm
Published 2017
Publisher Adonis & Abbey Publishers, Nigeria
Format Paperback

The Literature of Language and the Language of Literature in Africa and the Diaspora

edited by Dainess Maganda

We live in a world that sees and also contesting ideas of Eurocentrism in the interpretation of various issues, including African literatures and cultures. This book seeks to engage readers into a critical examination of the meaning, history, ambiguity, status and perceptions surrounding African languages and literature. It presents current shifts in form and practice surrounding regional, national, and 'postcolonial' models towards 'world literature' by focusing on African literature as a focal point for understanding perceptions of the world towards African languages and literature. The book shows the importance of wrestling with issues of global aftermaths of slavery, audience, readership, diasporic and transnational connections, as well as digital and social media without undermining the conflicts that literature presents in and on its own merit.

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About the Editor

Dainess Maganda

Dr. Dainess Maganda is the African Languages Program Director in the Comparative Literature Department, University of Georgia. Dr. Maganda holds Masters degrees in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Intercultural Studies; Masters in Language and Literacy as well as a Ph.D. in Language and Literacy.