ISBN 9789970252329
Pages 356
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 2013
Publisher Fountain Publishers, Uganda
Format Paperback

Thirty Years of Public Sector Reforms in Africa

Selected Country Experiences

edited by Paulos Chanie, Paschal Mihyo

Over the past three decades, African countries have been reforming their public sector with a view to improving efficiency, effectiveness, accountability and transparency as part of efforts to improve the delivery of public services. Reform actions have included privatisation, public/private partnerships, commercialisation and adoption of private sector approaches in managing public organisations. This book, put together by OSSREA, reviews measures by African countries in that regard, the extent to which the measures have achieved their intended results, as well as the factors behind the failure to achieve those results, where this was the case.

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About the Editors

Paulos Chanie

Paulos Chanie, has a PhD in Development Studies (2007) from the International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University, The Hague, Netherlands. During his career, he has been teaching at the Addis Ababa University, doing research and consulting local and international organisations in the areas of public policy and administration, development management, decentralisation and civil service reform. He has published in the areas of public service reform and management, ethnic politics, neo-patrimonialism and fiscal federalism. He is currently an Assistant Professor at Addis Ababa University and Director of Research at the Organisation for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA).

Paschal Mihyo

Paschal Mihyo, a Tanzanian, is a lawyer by profession. He is a Professor of Politics and Administrative Studies with an LL.B., LL.M and a Ph.D. in Public Law from the University of Dar es Salaam. Between 1975 and 1988, he taught in the Faculty of Law at the University of Dar es Salaam. Between 1988 and 2004, he taught and served as Dean at the International Institute of Social Studies at Erasmus University, in The Hague. From April 2004 to September 2005, he was Director of Research and Programmes at the Association of African Universities in Accra, Ghana; after which he joined the University of Namibia as a Professor from 2006 – 2008. From 2008 to February 2012, he was Executive Director of the Organisation for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA) and then moved to Nairobi to join PASGR in February 2012, shortly before he resumed the same position back at OSSREA as of December 2012. He has published eleven books and thirty-one journal articles on law, human rights, higher education and politics in Africa.