ISBN 9781779223258
Pages 278
Dimensions 210 x 140 mm
Published 2018
Publisher Weaver Press, Zimbabwe
Format Paperback

Township Girls

The Cross-Over Generation

edited by Wadzanai Garwe, Farai Mpisaunga Mpofu, Nomsa Mwamuka

This collection comprises the stories of women who grew up in two countries, Rhodesia, prior to Independence and Zimbabwe post-1980. The contributors reflect on their childhoods with refreshing candour. Many of their memories retain the crystalline clarity of childhood and thus provide insights into worlds that have often remained unexplored.

Behind these women stood dedicated, hard-working parents - often teachers, nurses or businessmen and women - determined that their children succeed through education. The commitment of this emerging middle class provides us with a tragic reminder of the negative obduracy of the Smith regime which consistently denied such citizens the vote.

Nonetheless, we are repeatedly reminded not of the dark side of an essentially racist regime, but of the joys of a secure childhood when parents and communities were steadfast in their values, and families consistently offered stability and security.

Few will read Township Girls: The Cross-Over Generation without feeling that they have learned something new and been invited into a different world.

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About the Editors

Wadzanai Garwe

Wadzanai Garwe is a mother of two wonderful adult children. In her professional life, she is a development practitioner specializing in financial and economic analysis and management and assisting governments in designing community based investment projects. She currently works for Food and Agriculture Organisation in Rome. She has and previously worked with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Zimbabwe, Food for the Hungry International in Mozambique, Macpherson Consulting Group in Zimbabwe, and for 13 years was a free-lance consultant working mostly with the International Fund for Agricultural Development. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance from the University of Maryland and an MA in Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University. 

Farai Mpisaunga Mpofu

Farai Mpisaunga Mpofu is co-founder of VIRL Financial Services P/L (est. 2010) and is country director of VIRL Social Foundation (est. 2014). A senior Communications, Marketing and Investor Relations professional, she served in the Insurance and Banking environment for over 20 years. Among her board positions are the Micro-finance Association, Women's University in Africa, Culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust, Junior Achievement Zimbabwe and St Martin's Convent Primary School. Farai holds a Special Honours degree in English from the University of Zimbabwe and is an alumnus of the British Council leadership and Harvard Executive development programmes. Farai serves as patron of the youth blood donors club, Pledge 25.

Nomsa Mwamuka

Nomsa Mwamuka is a researcher, writer, producer and project manager with over 20 years' experience working across various media platforms from film, TV and radio to print, focusing, in particular, on arts events and cultural festivals. Nomsa contributes feature articles to various publications and is the award-winning author of Makeba: the Miriam Makeba Story. She is currently conducting interviews and research for a series of biographical stories documenting the lives of pioneering and influential African women, cultural and political activists, and icons under the working title, Acts of Activism. 

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