ISBN 9781920355739
Pages 202
Dimensions 280 x 210 mm
Published 2011
Publisher African Minds Publishers, South Africa
Format Paperback

Universities and Economic Development in Africa

edited by Nico Cloete, Tracy Bailey, Pundy Pillay

A previous edition of Universities and Economic Development in Africa studied eight African countries and their flagship universities. In addition to minor updates, this edition includes a new section on the key findings in each of the eight countries and universities. In each case, this new section provides more detailed data and analysis which will prove invaluable for researchers and policy-makers on higher education in Africa. The eight countries included in the study are Uganda, Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa, Mozambique and Tanzania.

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About the Editor

Pundy Pillay

Pundy Pillay is a South African economist and consultant working on education and other social sector issues.

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