ISBN 9789966724571
Pages 47
Dimensions 140mm x 135mm
Illustrations Colour Illustrations
Published 2009
Publisher Storymoja, Kenya
Format Paperback

Wasee Waseee!

99 Mchongoanos for your Dissing Pleasure

edited by Millie Dok, Juliet Maruru

Mchongoanos do not have an exact definition, but in Kenya they agree that they are "uniquely formulated jokes that tend to exaggerate or bring out the worst of one's physical characteristics, behaviour and ingelligence. The joke is on your father, your grandma, your dog, the size of your head or the dumbness of it. Nothing escapes". Appealing to the young and old, Mchongoanos are the popular manifestation of humour : two people challenge with jokes and the funniest person rules. This enchantingly colour-illustratated collection adds a further "dissing pleasure" - the jokes are in Sheng and English. Sheng, the word deriving from Swahili-English, being the Swahili-based patois originating among the urban youth in Nairobi and influenced by the many languages spoken there, and now spread to Tanzania and Uganda.

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About the Editors

Millie Dok

Millie Dok is an event organizer by day, and a university student by night and in between juggles Nairobi's social scene. She seeks to share our untold stories, loves to question the wisdom of our times and lives and loves life.

Juliet Maruru

Juliet Maruru is a writer, online content manager and editor. She runs and manages the Storymoja Blog and website. She is passionate about creative writing and reading. When she is not working with the Storymoja online forums she is working with kids, learning and discovering with them the art of creative writing, and the wonder of words. She also authors the blog She Blossoms.