ISBN 9789788196495
Pages 312
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2014
Publisher Manifold Grace Publishers, Nigeria
Format Paperback

World Terrorism: Diagnosis And Path To Global Peace

by Victor Olu Taiwo

The author posits that there is no common definition of terrorism, currently afflicting Nigeria, Africa and the wider world. He seeks to find the root causes which he defines as religion, mis-governance and the oppression by the powerful of the less powerful countries.  He considers religion within four areas: Christianity, Islam, traditional religions and other foreign religions. The fourteen chapters cover Cause and Effect; the Rescue in Religion; God’s Incomprehensibility and Enigmatism: Further Explorations; God’s Manual, Ordinances and their Authenticity in Examination; Who is Liable? God or Man; Evolutions of Christianity and Islam;  Scriptural Discrepancies and their Inherent Hazards; “God must be Crazy”; Terror on the Spree; Africa in Periscope: Facts and Figures; Nigeria: A Case Study; Israeli-Palestine Conflict; My Proffered Elixir.

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