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Kelvin Ngong Toh
Kelvin Ngong Toh lives and works in Buea, Cameroon.
Moshumee Teena Dewoo
Moshumee Teena Dewoo was born a child of Surinam in Mauritius, on a 23rd December. She grew up in between a mountain and the beach, ...
Joh Henschel
Joh Henschel is an ecologist with a passion for the Namib. Joh grew up in Kwazulu-Natal, attended the Hermannsburg School, graduated from the University of ...
SADC Gender Protocol 2013 Barometer
edited by Colleen Lowe Morna, Kubi Rama, Lucia Makamure, Mukayi Makaya Magarangoma
The Caruso of Colleen Bawn and Other Short Writings
by John Eppel
The Holy Innocents
by John Eppel
The Curse of the Ripe Tomato
by John Eppel
by Wim Boswinkel
Wim Boswinkel
Wim was born in 1947 and settled in Zimbabwe in 1988. He retired from a lifelong career in farming and rural development work and returned ...
Daily Monitor, Uganda
Timothy M Shaw, Research Professor, Department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security, and Global Governance at the University of Massachusetts Boston
Pradip Thomas is Professor of Communication at University of Queensland, Australia
Media Ethics and Regulation
Insights from Africa - edited by Christina Chan-Meetoo
Hon Mrs Mireille Martin, Minister of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare, Republic of Mauritius
Herman Wasserman, Professor of Journalism & Media Studies, Rhodes University, South Africa
Professor Giovanni Pampanini, Honorary President, AFRICE, Studio Interdisplinare di Scienze Sociali e Umane, Catania, Italy
Boundaries and History in Africa
Issues in Conventional Boundaries and Ideological Frontiers - edited by Daniel Abwa, Albert-Pascal Temgoua, E.S.D. Fomin, Willibroad Dze-Ngwa
Mathew B. Gwanfogbe, Associate Professor of History, University of Bamenda, Cameroon
by Bill Marshall
Adventures Of Elizabeth Sam
by CNN Lokko
Beyond the Delivery Room
by Khadija Tracey Carmelita Heeger
The Shirburnian Catastrophe
by Basil Diki
Malika Ndlovu, Author
Kelwyn Sole, Author
Duce Kingdom
by Efualajong Folefac
Contrasting Ironies
English and Ugandan State Secondary Schools - by Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa
Informal and Formal Social Protection Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa
edited by Stephen Devereux, Melese Getu
Impacts of Climate Change and Variability on Pastoralist Women in Sub-Saharan Africa
edited by Munyae M. Mulinge, Melese Getu
Insights into Gender Equity, Equality and Power Relations in Sub-Saharan Africa
by Mansah Prah
Durorp-English Dictionary
by Ekpe Inyang