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Dennis Trewin, former Australian Government’s chief statistician is consultant to the forthcoming State of the Tropics Report Series
African Affairs
Keeping in Step with Modern Times
A Comprehensive Account of Lexical Adoptives in Icibemba - by Mubanga Kashoki
Globalized Africa: Political, Social and Economic Impact
edited by Kwame A. Ninsin
From Head-Loading to the Iron Horse
Railway Building in Colonial Ghana and the Origins of Tropical Development - by Komla Tsey
The Role of Indigeneous Music in Modern African Education
A Uganda and East African Setting - by Mbabi Katana
South African Foreign Policy Review
Volume 1 - edited by Chris Landsberg, Jo-Ansie van Wyk
Son of a Red Devil
by Lukemba Gelindo
Regional Trade Integration, Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in Southern Africa
edited by Moses Tekere
First Harvests
A Collection of Poems from Nkongho-Mboland - edited by Fonkeng E.F., Fonsah E.G.
Assault on Paradise
Perspectives on Globalization and Class Struggles - by Tatah Mentan
Fonsah E.G.
Fonsah E.G. is Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Georgia, Tifton Campus, Georgia, USA.
Dr Ato Kwamena Onoma, Department of Political Science Yale University, USA
Pelican Publishers
Know Your Country and Beyond
Katsina State - by Ahmadu Kurfi
Seeking Greener Pastures Abroad
A Migration Profile of Nigeria - by Aderanti Adepoju, Arie van der Wiel
Arie van der Wiel
Regional Integration in Africa
East African Experience - by Msuya Waldi Mangachi
Msuya Waldi Mangachi
J.F. Ade.Ajayi
Author J.F. Ade Ajayi is Emeritus Professor of history at the University of Lagos, a leading Africanist historian, and a recipient of the Nigerian National ...
Okon Uya
Slavery and Slave Trade in Nigeria
From Earliest Times to The Nineteenth Century - edited by J.F. Ade.Ajayi, Okon Uya
Jo-Ansie van Wyk
Jo-Ansie van Wyk lectures International Politics at the University of South Africa. She obtained her MA in Political Science degree from the University of ...
Chris Landsberg
Professor Chris Landsberg is South African National NRF Chair: African Diplomacy and Foreign Policy in the Faculty of Humanities, and Senior Associate: School ...
Moses Tekere
Moses Tekere holds a PhD in International Economic Relations from Kiev State University and is the founding director of TRADES Centre. He has extensive ...
Lukemba Gelindo
Lukemba Gelindo is 42 years old, speaks six languages fluently and lives in Brussels.
Obi Nwakanma, Vanguard, Nigeria
Sule E. Egya Department of English IBB University, Lapai
Dr. Francisca Adjei, University of Winneba, Ghana
Divine Bud: Testimonies of God's intervention
by Philip Mutaka