ISBN 9789785950861
Pages 240
Dimensions 237 x 160mm
Published 2022
Publisher Safari Books, Nigeria
Format Paperback

256 Divine Invocations: The Spiritual Power of the Yorubas / 256 Iwure: Agbara Adura Omo Yoruba

by Latosa Mabinuori Adegboyega

256 Divine Invocations is a compilation of spiritual prayers and invocations for the benefit of Yoruba people and others who appreciate the spiritual power of daily invocations. The power of the invocation is believed by Yoruba people to ward off evil, attract blessings or favours, and avoid troubles and accidents. A bilingual text in English and Yoruba.

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About the Author

Latosa Mabinuori Adegboyega

Latosa Mabinuori Adegboyega, a cultural advocate and enthusiast, is a direct descendant of the 12th Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland who was also the 11th Baale (a position that later transformed to the Olubadan) of Ibadanland - the first African to combine military and civil leadership. He is the Mogaji of the Aare Latosa Family, the current Culture Ambassador of Oyo State, Nigeria and the President of International Cultural Organisation Centre for African Culture and Tradition.