ISBN 9789785878967
Pages 94
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2021
Publisher Malthouse Press, Nigeria
Format Paperback

A New Lie and other Poems

by Razinat T. Mohammed

A New Lie and other Poems is a collection of poems, the first from a writer who is best known for her long and short narratives. Like every prose work she has produced, this collection represents the poet's commentary on three important areas of existence. The first part of the collection bemoans the plight of the woman who is also a wife and mother in times of conflict and other forms of uncertainties. The second part celebrates love and like the rose plant, not without drawing blood from its victim. The last part gives voice to the poet's worldview and philosophy. The collection provides a window of opportunity for readers to see her poetic skills, using a different genre to send across the same message.

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About the Author

Razinat T. Mohammed

Razinat Talatu Mohammed is the award winning author of A love Like a Woman's and other Stories (Kraftbooks, 2006). Her first novel, Habiba (Kraftbooks, 2013), was a finalist for the ANA prize for prose 2014; she is also the author of The Travails of a first Wife (Origami, 2015), My Daughter, My Blood and a large number of other creative works in local and International anthologies. This is her debut poetry collection

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