ISBN 9780798303750
Pages 236
Dimensions 244 x 170 mm
Illustrations B/W Illustrations
Published 2013
Publisher Africa Institute of South Africa, South Africa
Format Paperback

Africa in a Changing Global Environment

Perspectives of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in Africa

edited by Shingirirai Savious Mutanga, Thokozani Simelane, Nedson Pophiwa

Africa is one continent severely affected by the ravaging effects of global environment change yet it is least responsible for this. The continent's rural and urban poor are particularly vulnerable to reduced agricultural production, worsening food security, increased incidence of both flooding and drought, spreading of disease and heightening risk of conflict over scarce land and water resources. As such this timely book consisting of chapters authored by scholars from multidisciplinary backgrounds provides the reader a variety of contexts from which to understand the impacts of global environmental change and how affected African communities are adapting an mitigating the scourge. In addition it discusses different models for mitigation and adaptation applicable to local contexts.

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Africa in a Global Changing Environment balances empirical and theoretical approaches to demonstrate the negative impacts of climate change in particular natural disasters including droughts, Floods and water degradation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Some of the chapters focus on mapping the possibilities of growing urbanisation by going green as well as some technological advances which Africa can tap into such as alternative energy in the form of biofuels.”

Professor Godwell Nhamo (PhD) - Chief Researcher and Chair: Exxaro Chair in Business and Climate Change, University of South Africa

About the Editors

Shingirirai Savious Mutanga

Shingirirai Savious Mutanga is a Research Specialist in the Science and Technology Programme of the Africa Institute of South Africa.

Thokozani Simelane

Thokozani Simelane serves as programme leader for Science and Technology at the Africa Institute of South Africa, a research institute of the Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa.

Nedson Pophiwa

Nedson Pophiwa is a Chief Researcher in the Democracy Governance and Service Delivery (DGSD) Programme at the Human Science Research Council (HSRC).