ISBN 9780798302227
Pages 152
Dimensions 244 x 170 mm
Published 2010
Publisher Africa Institute of South Africa, South Africa
Format Paperback

Africa's New Public Policy

Imperatives for Globalisation & Nation-building in Nigeria

by Edwin Okey Ijeoma

Africa's New Public Policy: Imperatives for Globalisation and Nation-building provides a comprehensive analysis of globalisation and democracy, from an African perspective. It also provides policy imperatives that are aimed at seeking solutions to the myriad challenges emanating from managing the consequences of globalisation in Nigeria and other African countries. The author attempts to determine the extent to which public administration principles - in Nigeria in particular, and the rest of Africa in general, as well as in other parts of the developing world - underpin the management of the effects of globalisation within a democracy and nation building projects.

Africa's New Public Policy will not only be a useful resource for public policy decision-making on globalisation issues, but it will also serve as a credible reference material for public sector practitioners, scholars in international relations, as well as officials involved in the diplomatic work environment. It also includes a comparative analysis on how Nigeria and South Africa have handled some of the globalisation and democratisation challenges facing their respective countries under the administrations of Presidents Obasanjo and Mbeki respectively.

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“The book in general makes an excellent reading… it will be a useful tool to policy makers at all levels, opinion makers and policy analysts in Africa.”

Professor T Mafunisa, University of South Africa

“This publication will undoubtedly provoke new arguments about globalisation, democratisation and nation-building. Its recommended policy approached would revolutionise the Nigerian public-sector institution…”

Ambassador Buba Ahmed Marwa, Nigerian High Commissioner to South Africa

About the Author

Edwin Okey Ijeoma

Edwin Okey Ijeoma is Professor of Policy and Public Sector Economics in the School of Public Management and Development at the University of Fort Hare in South Africa. He was previously Professor of Policy and Public Sector Economics at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. He was a pioneer Research Specialist at the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) Secretariat, Johannesburg and serves as policy adviser to several public sector and development institutions in South Africa and abroad. He has presented a number of papers in local and international conferences and published articles and books on NEPAD, Globalisation, and Performance Monitoring & Evaluation and other development issues.