ISBN 9780620394864
ePub ISBN 9780992187569
Pages 128
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 2007
Publisher African Perspectives, South Africa
Formats Paperback, eBook

Azanian Love Song

by Don Mattera

Donato Francesco Mattera has been celebrated as a journalist, editor, writer and poet. He is also acknowledged as one of the foremost activists in the struggle for a democratic South Africa, and helped to found both the Union of Black Journalists, the African Writer's Association and the Congress of South African Writers. Born in 1935 in Western Native Township (now Westbury) across the road from Sophiatown, Mattera can lay claim to an intriguingly diverse lineage: his paternal grandfather was Italian, and he has Tswana, Khoi-Khoi and Xhosa blood in his veins.

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About the Author

Don Mattera

Don Mattera, is a South African poet and author. He was awarded the PEN Award for his poetry collection Azanian Love Song in 1983, and the Noma Award for Publishing in Africa for his children's book The Five Magic Pebbles in 1993. His much acclaimed autobiography Memory is the Weapon was awarded the Steve Biko Prize when it was first published in 1987. He has worked as a journalist on The Sunday Times, The Sowetan, and The Weekly Mail (now known as the Mail and Guardian) and trained over 260 journalists. Don decided to convert to the Muslim faith and is now deeply involved in the Eldorado Park community where he resides. He has a special interest in young people and the rehabilitation of ex-prisoners.

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