Munyaradzi Mawere, Associate Professor, Faculty of Culture and Heritage Studies, Great Zimbabwe University

"This is one of the most interesting and critical but nuanced texts I have reviewed in the past few years. It’s more of an anthropological text on Canadian institutions based on rigorous ethnographic findings. The text is important in that it reverses the common trend, particularly in disciplines such as social anthropology, cultural studies, and ethnology that have a tendency of studying African societies without committing their resources and energies in understanding European and American societies. In the aforementioned disciplines, universities in the West and the Americas normally send their students and researchers to carry out fieldwork in Africa while African universities hardly send their researchers to study European and American societies. Neither do European and American universities sponsor African students and researchers to come to their countries to study their respective societies. It is in this light that I consider the present work as one that contributes immensely to geopolitics, the politics of knowledge production, and the field of social sciences in general."

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