ISBN 9789996045288
Pages 530
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 2018
Publisher Mzuni Press, Malawi
Format Paperback

English - Ciyawo Learner's Dictionary

edited by Ian D. Dicks

The English-Ciyawo Dictionary has been designed to help Yawo learners improve their English language skills for undertaking secondary school and university in the following ways: It helps a Yawo learner identify and learn the 3,000 most important and frequently used words in the English language. It gives a learner the most important meanings of each English word. It shows a learner how an English word is used in a sentence and also gives a translation of each sentence in Ciyawo to help a learner fully grasp the meaning.

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About the Editor

Ian D. Dicks

Ian Dicks is an Australian and is married with two children. He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia where he is a lecturer in Intercultural Studies. Ian, has lived and worked in the Mangochi District of Malaŵi for 22 years and continues to work as the Senior Editor in the Ciyawo-English Dictionary Project, as well as a language and culture consultant, helping to facilitate others in language and culture acquisition in South Eastern Africa. Ian’s previous publications with the ABC include Wisdom of the Yawo People (2006), A Practical Guide to Understanding Ciyawo (2010), and An African Worldview, The Muslim Amacinga Yawo of Southern Malawi (2012).